15 Years of Exorcism. Finally Success.

bahrain flagA Muslim woman we’ll call Ms. H flew from Bahrain to Europe to meet with us this past winter.

Ms. H was a devout muslim. She prayed almost constantly. She truly loved God and strove to follow His teachings. She was constantly thanking Him and praising Him. All of this – and yet for over 15 years of her life she had been possessed.

Now, this woman was truly possessed. Not like some negative energy in her house or something disturbing hanging around her and feeding her negative thoughts or feelings. No. This was full possession. Something inside of Ms. H would take over, her eyes would go wild, her body would start moving, jerking, flailing. She could throw three grown men off of her.  She would growl, swear, and in those moments of possession could tell you things about yourself that she had no way of knowing.

Typically people at this stage of possession are not very self-aware. Ms. H was different.  Despite 15 years of unrelenting torment, she stayed incredibly strong and incredibly devoted to God. (This is probably the only thing that saved her.)  She would fight the demon inside her every time it came to the fore. When she had a moment of peace, she would plot new ways to rid herself of the affliction. She insisted on maintaining as normal a life as possible despite her “episodes”.

And yet, she had this curse.  When the demon took control, she would feel intense terror.  Her body would be wracked with pain.  Few could stand to stay with her. And despite over a decade of searching, no solution presented itself.

Ms. H tried visiting many, many imams. There are specific prayers in the Koran that demons cannot stand to hear. She listened to them, despite the intense pain they caused her.  She went to receive exorcism in Bahrain regularly, and routinely had imams come to her house to try to help her.  She described to me afterwards how one saintly man came to her house and did prayers of exorcism from 8 am to 9 pm every day for THREE MONTHS with no break, no help, and no team. Every day for over 12 hours this saint fought the demons inside Ms. H. And it was a fight, for the demon would take control and fight back with all of its spiritual power, leaving Ms. H wrung out and exhausted when the priest would leave at the end of the day.

After years and years of trying to receive healing via Muslim priests, Ms. H started working with priests of other faiths.  Nothing worked. She tried working with psychics. That did not work.  She tried working with anyone would claim to help.  Nothing worked. Sage? Tried it.  Holy water? Tried it. Prayers from this or that holy text? Tried it.

Fifteen years. I mean – can you imagine it? Ms. H is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister – it could be someone you love.

Obviously she also tried psychology. She also tried seeing medical doctors in Bahrain as well as in the USA and Europe. Nothing worked.

Having heard this story from her (when she could speak coherently) and her friends, I was not optimistic about being able to help her. I told her frankly that we would do our best but we made no promises.

We saw her in Europe.  In total, we spent probably 18-20 hours working with her.  We had a team of 3 people working directly with Ms. H during her exorcism and during the healing work afterwards.  After we were finished, she spent a week in Europe nearby to us just in case.  She had no episodes, no bad feelings, no fear, no terror. Nothing. Just really, really big smiles and giddy feelings of relief. Previously, she had never gone more than 48 hours without an episode.

Now four months later, Ms. H sent me this note on Facebook recently: