Our principals have over 40 years of combined experience dealing with evil and negative entities. We are not paranormal investigators looking for things that go bump in the night; we KNOW that things go bump in the night and we are here to get rid of them. We have traveled the world extensively to train and learn the art and science of demon fighting. We have studied many different schools of exorcism, and we can bring many different styles and techniques to bear on any given situation. We have trained with and been initiated into an ancient lineage of warriors of light, exorcists, which we can trace back more than 3000 years. We are the true Demon Slayers, given the lineage and authority necessary to rid your home and loved ones of unwanted negativity and unseen visitors.

Demon Slayer is run by two principals, Richard Emmanuel and Anna Fae Rie. We travel the world offering our services; we have worked on at least four continents to date, in many countries around the world. We get the job done discretely and professionally; your neighbours won’t know we were there.

Through our connections and the students we have trained, we can marshal large teams of exorcists as needed. We have fielded teams of over 30 people for certain situations. We can handle the very worst situations.

We strive to handle every situation with grace and the utmost caring for those involved. Our former clients have kindly offered some words about our services.

We are blessed every time someone contacts us in regards to our products or services. Now that you know a little bit about us, why not take a look at how we can help you, then either book a private consultation with us or dialog with us via our contact form.

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