From wondering to knowing and skepticism to certainty

DaylightI have looked a demon right in the eyes, and from that moment I knew that they were real. It was impossible to pretend, to hide, or to wonder any longer; I had seen one, and there was no question about what it was.

When most people first hear someone talk about ghosts or demons as a real phenomenon, I know that many are tempted to scoff and go “Nah”. That is the stuff of movies and stories, right? Not the stuff of real life.

Gradually, though, we may begin to wonder. “Could it be…?” “Nah!” Our wonder softens our skepticism a little bit. Our wondering opens up the possibility. “What if….” What if ghosts were real? What if demons were real? What would that mean? We think about it. We wonder about it. We have moved forward from total disbelief into the world of possibility.

From wondering (from the possibility of) to knowing (the certainty of) is quite a journey. Depending on the topic, it may be a very long journey indeed. In fact, it may take a lifetime. But regardless of how long it takes, that journey requires one very special key ingredient. This key ingredient is like a rocket booster. It lifts us up out of skepticism and wondering, and gradually helps us climb the great mountain towards the pinnacle of certainty. The mountain is likely to be steep, with many dangerous passes, and many places that challenge us. There will almost certainly be times when we climb quite high, but then fall down low again, only to have to climb all over again. This is the path spiritual evolution; the path of moving from skepticism to certainty. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a rocket booster on this path?

It sure would.

And that rocket booster? It exists. It exists, and it is more potent than anything you could imagine.

That rocket booster, that magical elixir of spiritual evolution…it is called faith.

You see, faith is what helps us to bridge the gap between wondering and knowing. With faith, we can climb any mountain, move any boulder, shoulder any burden. Fight any demon. Bring any ghost to the Light. With faith, we can accomplish feats that no mere mortal could accomplish on their own. Starting with moving from skepticism to knowing.