When possession occurs, it leaves behind deep wounds.  These wounds are soul-level wounds, a kind of scarring and burning left by the demon’s presence and his touch.  That the wounds are not physical, and cannot be seen as a broken limb could, do not lessen the impact they have; make no mistake, the wounds a demon leaves behind are devastating.

Any person who has been possessed, and any person who has been near the presence of a demon (e.g. near a possessed person or in an area that is infested with a demon) is guaranteed to be afflicted with some kind of demonic wounding.  This wounding cannot be healed through psychology or psychotherapy.  Talk therapy does not work, nor does any standardized medical procedure.  It takes a specialized set of procedures to guide the recovery.

Ultimately, demonic wounding can be healed.  However, great care must be taken to select a healer who has worked specifically with demonic attack.  If you think you have ever been in contact with a demon, a possessed person or an area that has been infested (has negative energy) please contact us for an evaluation.