Is there an elephant in the room?

Elephant in the roomThere’s an elephant in the lobby of this whole paranormal-exorcism-angels-demons-ghosts hotel.  The elephant is there, and we all know it’s there, but we would be breaking tradition if we acknowledged it and actually talked about it.

Let’s break tradition, shall we?

The elephant in the lobby of this hotel is this: a good portion of the world thinks we’re crack-heads.  They think we’re nuts.  Crazy.  Wacko.  Bazoingo.  (That’s Bazoingo<tm> to you, mister!)

Seriously – a good portion of the world, at least in North America and parts of Europe – thinks the notion that unseen forces affect us on a regular basis, sometimes for the worse, and that specific words, phrases, gestures, rituals, spiritual powers can actually do something about it…well, they think that’s just bazoingo<tm>.  Seriously.

So what are we going to do about it?

Now, to be sure, they are only a part of the world population.  In fact, I would err on the side of arguing that the larger part of the world’s people actually do believe in unseen forces.  Call it energy, spirit, ghosts, demons, angels, jinn, elementals – whatever you call it, I would argue that much of the world believes at some level that there is an unseen world and it does affect us.

But still – there is that group of people, a not insubstantial group of people, who think we are certified wackos.

You see, the thing is – it’s awfully hard to prove the invisible to someone who stubbornly insists on sticking only to the five physical senses.  It’s not impossible, but it’s no mean feat.  And yet were those people to actually have a direct experience of the supernatural, they would quickly change perspectives.  They would go from belief (or lack thereof, in this case) to knowing.  And knowing – direct, personal knowing – cannot be disputed.

So while there’s this body of people who think we’re nutso, I’m not going to let it bother me.  I have had direct personal experience.  I know this stuff is real.  Some day, they too may have some personal experience.  When the shock hits and they are looking for help, we’ll be there.  In the meantime, there are countless people who are suffering, who are scared, who are curious and want to learn more.  There are countless people who do believe this work is real, that the unseen world exists…and we are here to serve them.

We are here to serve you.

So, dear elephant, enjoy your stay in the lobby of our hotel.  We’re happy to have you here for as long as you need to stay.  But don’t think we’re ignoring you just because we are keeping busy.  We know you’re there.  We just prefer to spend our energy serving those in need.