We are NOT paranormal researchers.  We do not come with various electronic gadgets to try to “prove” that something is going wrong.  We are true slayers, trained in the old ways.  We KNOW that something is wrong and we KNOW how to handle it!

We say this not to knock paranormal researchers.  The work they do is interesting.  In our present society which is so science and proof-focused, paranormal researchers perform a valuable service for society overall in helping to bridge the gap between what spiritual teachers have known and taught for millennia and what science still does not yet know or acknowledge.  By using modern technology to try to prove that these paranormal events truly occur, paranormal researchers are using science’s own tools to show us that we do not have all the answers.

Unfortunately, paranormal researchers do not have the tools required to do anything about the things they discover.  For example, a paranormal researcher may verify that a house is possessed.  And he or she may do so in a way that makes it clear that possession is the only possible explanation for the activities that are occurring at the house.  That is fantastic.  But a paranormal researcher is rapidly out of their league when asked to rid the house of the infestation.

This is where Demon Slayer comes in.  We are trained to eliminate cases of infestation, possession, and demonic activity.  We come in, assess the situation with or without the assistance of modern technology, and we go to work to eliminate the problem.  With enormous amounts of training and field experience behind us, we are professionals at what we do.  Please contact us to discuss your situation further.