In the course of our studies, we have amassed quite a collection of information on demons and fighting them.  On this page we would like to point you to a few books that we find particularly good.  Let us know how you like them, and also let us know if there are others you would recommend!

Books on protecting yourself

  • Psychic Self-Defense This is a classic book that contains tools for protecting yourself from psychic attack.  This is one of the main forms that demons attack us and thus this book is priceless!  This book comes from the metaphysical path rather than a religious one.

Books on exorcism

Note that although we have (so far!) listed only Catholic books here, we have studied many different styles of exorcism from religions all over the world.  There is Catholic exorcism, Christian exorcism, Buddhist exorcism, Chinese exorcism, Shamanic exorcism, and more.  They each are appropriate for different situations.  However, for a Western audience, these are the books we have found to be the most approachable and well written.

Books relating experiences of exorcism

All of these books relate experiences of exorcism that match well with our own.

Coming soon…

Videos, Tools for exorcism, and more!