Phone Consultation



Phone consultations give you the opportunity to receive our undivided attention and focus on your situation.

During a phone consultation, we will typically start by giving you the opportunity to share with us the details of the situation that concerns you. We will then ask you questions – probing, making sure that we have all the details right. Most of our clients have tons of questions – I am sure you do too if you have gotten this far!! This is our opportunity to spend time together and make sure all of your questions are answered.

Part of a phone consultation involves us “scanning” the situation. It is at this time that we really commune and “read into” the situation. We are usually able to give you an extraordinary amount of information at this stage – what the problem is, where the origin is coming from, how this is affecting areas of your life, and so on. Many clients have reported that this scanning alone was hugely valuable for them!

As we are scanning the situation, we may also be able to give you specific tips or protocols to follow. This is an opportunity to see if you can alleviate your situation on your own without bringing us in.

Here is what one client had to say about their consultation with us:

I cannot BELIEVE how helpful you were during my private session with you yesterday. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I honestly thought I was going crazy – your stories, your advice, your open hearted guidance was so helpful to me. Thank you!

Another client had this to say:

I am so grateful for the time you took with me today! i was so impressed by how much you kept suggesting things I could try to solve my situation on my own. I was concerned you would be pushy or would tell me I had to bring you in, but you were just the opposite! your attitude totally convinced me. i tried your suggestions and they worked!! thank you again!!

We think of phone consultations as a low risk, low cost way to figure some important questions out before bringing us on site in person. Questions like…

  • Do you really have a problem involving demonic attack, possession, ghosts…or are you just making it up?
  • If the problem involves a friend or family member, what be done about it?
  • Do you think we would be a good fit to work together? If so, how might that happen?
  • Could you maybe do some things to solve the situation on your own?

Phone consultations are provided over the phone or skype and last up to 60 minutes.  We do not do exorcism or clearings during phone consultations; the purpose of this session is to discuss your situation and whether such an activity is warranted.