• “The evil is all gone.”
    - D.B., Colorado
  • “All I can say is WOW!!!!!

    The moment I lit the candle I felt a lift of the energy level. Within a few hours the whole room was lit with sacred temple like energy. Last night my husband and I both felt a wall of protection up around us and our dwelling as we prepared for bed.

    For the first time in two weeks I woke up today feeling energized; a much needed improvement from the sleepless nights where I wake up feeling as though I have been in battle most of my sleeping hours. My husband felt the same way – he slept the whole night through for the first time in weeks.

    Thank you so much for the amazing work you do!”
    - LH & BF, New Jersey
  • “It feels like my apartment is steeped in LOVE!!! What a difference this has made. The candles are providing some very welcomed relief from the disturbances I’ve been battling. My strength is returning. The energetic edges in my place have softened completely and it is now a peaceful sanctuary once again.

    Thanks again for your assistance in a time of need!”
    - NT, New Jersey
  • “Richard,

    On behalf of my family, students & clients, I would like to thank you
    for the work that you have done in my home and at our Healing Center.
    It has made a vast difference in the quality of our lives, our
    teaching and healing work. What a blessing you are!”
    - TR, Portland, Oregon
  • “I totally respect you. I am blessed to know you and thank you for letting me be myself around you. I honor you.”
    - CS, New Jersey
  • “You made such a difference already AND in such a short period of time.”
    - SA, New Jersey
  • “Hi Richard. Deep gratitude to you and Anna for the work that you do.”
    - AD, Ireland
  • “I said many prayers of gratitude that you found time to come to NJ and train our team and do the amazing Sealing on me.”
    - PC, New Jersey
  • “This healing was an awesome experience. I felt like I was in heaven and was so loved by all the Angels present. My physical body was so relaxed and the energy was pouring in, healing and protecting me. Richard is an amazing healer who truly comes from the heart in every way.”
    - PC, New Jersey
  • “May it suffice to say that Richard and Ana’s work is very sacred , ancient and powerful. They have opened their hearts to the NE and we have also to them. The infinity loop created by these collective energies melding together will create transformation and transmutation for all who openly enter into this experience.
    Therefore I strongly recommend for those healers who want to enhance their healing skills and practice to partake of the fruits of their healing work.”
    - PL, New Jersey
  • “Richard’s classes this week were a compilation of deep and ancient teachings that can only be brought forward, as he did, with expertise that is mastered by indepth study, personal experience and sacredness. He is a generous teacher who shares generously, seriously, deeply and connects to each student. And he’s funny!

    My suggestion…take everything he teaches! He’s priceless! And it will save your ass.”
    - SA, New Jersey
  • “Richard has a teaching style that is not a style. You immediately feel at ease. His smile belies much but underneath the smiling façade lies a child of life who has the task of doing things that most men would never do.”
    - BSF, New Jersey
  • “[The Demon Slayer exorcism class] is one of the best and most engaging classes I have ever experienced, and I have to say that I highly recommend it to all who may be considering this path. If you really listen there is an Angel speaking through the mouth of Richard. I will take any class that he puts forth because the information is invaluable and the way it is presented is with clarity and very thought provoking. And not to be discounted, Joy! Yes he will make you smile. After all life is about Balance.

    I would just like to put forth some descriptive words that will help to reveal this complicated yet simple living soul that is Richard. They are as follows in no definitive order; Loving, Non-Judgmental, Disciplined, Knowledgeable, Reverent, Flexible, Self-Deprecating, Compassionate, Strong, Truthful, Engaging, Patient.

    In this business that Richard inhabits, it is critical to know the details and not to venture into drama. Become empowered with the real truth about Exorcism and I know you will thank God that you took this incredible class before venturing into this field.

    Richard is the real deal as is Anna. They are deeply humble as all must be to be successful in this service to God and all of human kind.

    I hope that he teaches a long time to come. I will be in the front, pen and pad at the ready.”
    - BSF, New Jersey
  • “Hi Richard wanted to say thanks for coming to Ireland to do all that great work!”
    - VOS, Ireland
  • “Hi Richard it is so great to know that you are keeping the darkness off our ass I am so Grateful to know we have someone like you dedicated to service at that level ps love your web site Nice!!!!”
    - KGB, Ireland
  • “Thanks for adding me to your facebook.
    I was checking out your website, and I have to say what an amazing job you have done. I have found since my training I am very limited in the help I can give others without further training, I am very thankful for having been able to direct others to where they can get the help they need if they choose. Its very informative and has tons of information that will really help people understand what is actually going on in there lives.

    Thank you for the amazing, and most difficult service that you do.”
    - EK
  • “Please know how much we appreciate your time and thank you for always watching out for all of us . Your dedication in service inspires and ?lls me with Hope.

    The power of sel?ess giving ?nds it’s roots in Love, thank you for sharing yours.”
    - AK, Florida
  • “Richard & Anna,

    I would really like to share my feelings with you two about the people I see that you are. I am so honored to work with you both. You show nothing but beautiful attributes at every turn. Respect and Integrity, Trust, Honor and Grace. Richard, when you need to be forceful to get your point across, it is so easy to comply with your requests, because it comes from a place of truth and not ego…it’s about getting the job done, and people listen and respect you for it!

    In the same instance you bring support and encouragement and gratitude. These traits are truly a blessing in our community. You are both beautiful beings of Light that I am privileged to call friends. I am so grateful for all the work that you do!! And the Love that flows between you is felt throughout the community. Thank you so much for the Light you bring!”
    - TR, Portland, Oregon
  • “Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! for everything you did and for your incredible teaching. it was totally awesome to have you here again! and we cant wait to have you back again soon too!
    Love and Light!!”
    - MM, Ireland
  • “Thank you for teaching such an amazing class. You have brought so
    much clarity to an otherwise difficult & awkward subject. The
    confidence in which you teach accompanied by your ability to allow
    students to feel at ease when asking questions is incredibly
    admirable. Additionally, it is invaluable to experience the practical
    aspects of these teachings with such an experienced and impeccable
    - TR, Portland, Oregon
  • “You are so highly trained…I can really tell. It is amazing that we have you here.”
    - IK, England
  • “I could stay up all night feeling grateful to have found you.”
    - IK, England
  • “Good work Richard! Your skills are such a blessing to all of those in need.”
    - JB, Portland, OR
  • “Sitting in on your class was an amazing experience. I’m really looking forward to working with you and taking more classes.”
    - H.B., Seattle, WA
  • “I attended a few of Richard’s exorcism classes and it was amazing. Mostly because Richard teaches from experience and brings to life what no book can give you. At all times the information and teachings are handed down in a safe and very clear and precise manner with no room for confusion. Richard’s love and passion for the subjects at hand ignite in you the desire to follow along his path to bring light where there is darkness.

    His classes are truly a must if you are serious about being a warrior of light.”
    - BB, New Jersey, USA
  • “We are infinitely blessed to have your talent, incredible hard work and amazing dedication. Thanks to you and the team the world is a better place. From my heart I honor you, your work, your service!”
    - JH, Naples, FL
  • “Thank you and thank you for all the work you do. . You are truly a great leader in these strange times.

    Love and Light to you and all the blessing I can muster!”
    - K.S., Portland, OR
  • “I appreciate you both so much for all the amazing hard work you did in Japan and what you do everyday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
    - A.S., New Jersey, USA
  • “Working with you and [your team] was an honor for me too. I have a lot of respect for and trust in you all. The work you do is awesome.”
    - I.McG., USA & England
  • “I am so glad I worked with you as well! I had a profound sense of
    wellbeing and increased awareness, and lots of relief since....”
    - P.B., USA
  • “I honor you and your work.”
    - P.B., USA
  • “I had the most peaceful sleep I have had in months last night and woke up feeling truly free and positive :) No depressed, heavy thoughts or sadness for the first morning in a long time. Thanks so much for ridding my life of this evil. You and your team truly are angels and lifesavers!”
    - T.S., Washington, USA
  • “I highly suggest that everyone get a session with you, asap! Our session together was powerful and you honed in on a particular issue I had been struggling with immediately. In a very short period of time you had it pegged and gave me a particular key that I had been searching for to move forward and reach a new level in my work. I couldn't believe how much we got accomplished in a one hour session! So I'm telling people "don't struggle, just call Anna if you are serious about living life to your highest potential. She cuts through obstacles like butter and you can just do it - NOW! Don't wait to live your life!". Thanks, Anna!”
    - S.A., New Jersey, USA
  • “The session I had with Anna was unique and opened my heart to endless possibilities of becoming who I really am. She was very gentle and unobtrusive and I was very comfortable during the entire session. She made the session specific to my needs. I would recommend this session to anyone as it will open gateways of enlightenment for them and transform their life.”
    - P.L., USA
  • “I\'m so grateful for what we did: I am seeing the effects filter down in amazing ways and opening up to all kinds of healing and releasing around that side of the family. The work you did will benefit me and my family forever!!!

    You are fully amazing & awesome.”
    - P.B., California, USA