Top 10 Signs You Have a Ghost – A Quick Guide to the Paranormal

Is my house haunted??  Key Signs to Note!

Here are some key signs to pay attention to.  If you are experiencing more than 3 or 4 of these signs in one place, chances are you have a situation going on with ghosts.

  • Unexplained noises
  • Doors, cabinets, drawers opening and closing
  • Lights turning on and off
  • Items disappearing and reappearing
  • Objects moving by themselves
  • Unexplained shadows
  • Animals behave strangely
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Feelings of being touched
  • Cold or hot spots

What the heck is a ghost anyway?

A ghost is a being (usually a person but sometimes an animal) that has died but has not passed on to the next phase of their evolution. Since they have not passed on, ghosts are present in the same physical reality that we all live in.  Ghosts are all around us – they are present far more than we realize.

In many ways ghosts are just like people.  The movies have done a good job of portraying the truth about this for us.  Ghosts have a history, they have thoughts and emotions, and they have a purpose (more on that later).

Most of us cannot “see” ghosts. In other words most of us do not see ghosts with our naked eyeballs the way we see a table or this keyboard that I am typing on. But most of us absolutely do “sense” ghosts.  In a way, the fact that we sense ghosts but do not see them is what makes it creepy: a part of us knows that something is there, yet other parts of us are asserting there is nothing.  Our senses go on high alert.  Tension builds as we strain to see what we sense – yet we cannot…background music begins to play…Oh wait, that’s a movie!!

So how does one become a ghost?

Usually (but not always) ghosts are still here in our world because they need to achieve some kind of resolution.  For example:

  • Someone who has died suddenly or violently may be trying to work out WHY it happened to them.
  • Someone who could not bear to leave their beloved children may stay behind to watch over them.
  • Someone who was angry may stay behind to exact revenge.

Generally speaking, ghosts are interested in obtaining resolution to their problem and moving on.  Ghosts, like humans, can get confused; often a ghost has been so traumatized by their experience that they don’t really realize what is happening to them.  In their confusion they don’t realize what they need and frequently even don’t realize that they are dead.

Is it a ghost?  Is it a demon?  It’s all Greek to me!

There is some overlap between symptoms of demons and symptoms of ghosts.  Here is the basic rule:

  • Ghosts are by and large benign,
  • Demons are actively interested in harming people.

A ghost will certainly cause harm if provoked (the definition of “provoked” depends on why the ghost has stayed here). But a ghost generally is not consumed by a passion to cause pain, suffering and destruction of humans.  Demons are very focused on causing pain and suffering – either of one particular person, a family, a lineage, or just people in general.

OK. I have a ghost. Or maybe a demon.  Now what?

Ghosts, in their confusion, may cause harm to people.  And demons (who are certainly not confused!) are definitely interested in causing harm to people.  Either situation is best left to professionals.  At Demon Slayer we are very experienced at removing both ghosts and demons.  This is what we do full time all the time.  If you think you might have a situation with ghosts, please contact us now so we can help you as soon as possible!