When “Rest in Peace” needs some help

cemetery cross

This past summer, we got a phone call from a new client who felt that his mother was not resting in peace.

Now, just to set the scene, here’s a bit of background.  This was a gentleman who we had met about two months earlier at a conference.  Well into his third career, he had immigrated to the USA from England many decades ago.  This gentleman had a long career in high tech. He was extremely intuitive…he just “knew” things.  And one of those things was that his mother was not at rest.  He just felt that…but never knew how to resolve it.  Until he called us.

Although he had moved to the United States many years ago, the mother remained in England with this gentleman’s other siblings.  She was buried in a very picturesque small town cemetery.  As we talked to him, we got as much information as possible including the specific location of the cemetery and details of his mother’s life.  We took copious notes on everything he could tell us.

To start with, we did an investigation.  For someone to feel that their loved one is not at rest is not uncommon and almost always turns out to be true.  Nevertheless, we always approach every situation with an open mind.  Maybe they are just concerned.  If we can figure out that the loved one is at peace and shed some light as to why the client feels uncomfortable without needing to take any further action for them, how wonderful is that?  So we always approach every situation with an open mind and hope for the best.

In this case, though, the gentleman who called us was right.  Very right.  During the course of our investigation we found that the energy in the cemetery his mother was laid to rest in was bad.  Horrible.  Really bad.  There were feelings of acute pain, acute and immediate pain, sharp pain.  The feeling came from many souls, not just one.  The whole cemetery was infested with either many demons or one very powerful demon.  Not a single soul laid there was actually at rest.

One of the things that often amazes clients who hire us to do investigations is the amount of detail we are able to bring back.  In this case, we were able to tell the client where his mother was, what she was feeling, what was in the cemetery, how long it would take to clear it and even more personal information about his mother.  We proposed that it would take a day to clear the cemetery; he agreed to fly us out there.

When we got to the location, it was a beautiful day.  The sky was blue; there were just a few clouds in the sky.  It was summer and the grass was an incredible emerald green.  A rare perfect day in England.  The church that the cemetery was built around was majestic.  Perhaps a few hundred years old, it was all stone and beautiful stained glass.  There was no church service going on at the time, and no priest was present, but there were a few other people milling about walking through the cemetery visiting loved ones.

Funny thing – no birds chirping.  And no animals about.  The place looked idyllic to the outside eye.  But to the inner senses, it felt almost sinister.  There was an air of danger and foreboding.  It was subtle – very subtle – but definitely present.  No one stayed long at that cemetery.  We could understand why.

One of the things that amazes people when working with us is how subtle we are.  Most people who have seen movies expect us to come with a huge drama fest, shouting imprecations and prayers, having titanic struggle with forces unseen and all manner of other Hollywood theatrics.  We have trained long and hard to be able to do our work very, very subtly.  Yes, there are things we must do.  But most people would never know we are doing anything.  We can get in to most places, take down a demon or several demons, and leave again without anyone hardly even being suspicious.  That skill was fortunate to have on this trip in a public place with other members of the public milling about.  Our client, the gentleman, was particularly grateful for this skill as his family still lived in the community and were well known.

There were three major trouble spots in this cemetery so the work took us the best part of a day.  At each of the spots we worked there were unmistakable signs.  At the first spot, one of our team members got ill almost immediately.  Two decapitated birds greeted us at one location.  (I am not making this up!)  The third and most challenging area had a large statue of Jesus…whose facial expression was locked in a rictus of pain and anguish and whose eyes bored hatred looking over the entire cemetery.

Once we were done with the final location an amazing serenity descended on the whole area.  The sun went from feeling pale and wan to glowing and supportive.  There was a feeling of a pause, almost of time stopping for a moment to acknowledge the end of an era.  The peace was literally palpable.  The statue’s facial expression completely changed.

We brought the client to visit his mother’s grave site where he had a beautiful reunion with her soul and a healing release as he felt her love and thanks.  Then we escorted his mother’s soul across to the light and on to her next journey.

Sometimes, “rest in peace” takes a little help.  We are here to help.