When “trying” voodoo leads to a close encounter

We met a man at a conference who later asked us to have a private meeting.

This man, we’ll call him Joe, was a medical doctor. He had gone to Haiti to help in the relief work there after their big earthquake.  While there, he decided he wanted to experience voodoo.  His translator told him that he knew of a voodoo shaman who could answer his questions.  He asked his translator to come with him and eventually, after his medical service was completed, he took some time off and went in search of this voodoo shaman.

The shaman told Joe that he would give him an initiation into voodoo.  He said that then Joe would have great power.  While it was not Joe’s original intent to receive any kind of initiation, the offer felt compelling.  When their first meeting was over, the shaman gave Joe a set of instructions to complete, material to gather for the ceremony and so on.  Then the shaman told Joe that if he had any doubts, he should knock on the statue of a certain saint that was outside of the shaman’s house and Joe would receive the answer to a question in his dreams that night.

Joe knocked on the saint, and that night he dreamt of an angel who answered the very question he asked silently when he knocked on the saint statue.

The next day Joe gathered the materials that the shaman requested, as well as the shaman’s fee.  He brought them to the man’s house. Now, understand, this house was not in a great part of town.  It was down several back alleys and through a side door…that kind of thing.

The ceremony itself had many aspects to it and is not fit to describe here.  Two things worth mentioning: at the end of the ceremony the shaman gave Joe several items to scatter around Haiti.  The shaman also gave Joe a few items to leave at the airport on his way out.  And he gave Joe some other things to take home.

After all of this was over, Joe returned home.  But things had changed…a lot.

First, Joe found that women were incredibly attracted to him.  Way beyond his normal experience; they were not just attracted but they were also quite aggressive in pursuing him.  Joe is an attractive man for sure, but this was way almost surreal.

Second, when Joe got home, he found that he was weirdly almost instantly a celebrity.  He was always a good doctor – no question of that.  But now thanks to his service in Haiti he was literally known throughout his hospital and throughout the region.  People knew who he was and sought him out.

Other weird stuff happened too…in not such a good way.  A patient died on his watch at the hospital.  Then, without warning, a second patient died.  His medical license was suspended and he was put under review.

At this point he decided enough was enough and he burned everything he was given by the voodoo shaman.  The deaths were incredibly distressing to Joe.  But even the so-called “good stuff”, the women and the fame, just felt weird.  Wrong.  Something was wrong.

The next day after burning that stuff, he started to get weird phone calls.  The caller would ring him and then hang up when he answered.   It was happening at all hours of the day and night.  Constant harassment.

This thing was not finished.

So, Joe found us.  And we went to work.

In this case, after some evaluation, we were able to do all of the work at a distance.  Since Joe was with us in person, the first thing we did was to cut away all of the energetic attachments between him and the shaman.  Then we went after the shaman himself, eliminating his power to affect Joe again and also eliminating his ability to do this work to anyone else ever again.  In essence, what this voodoo shaman had done was to summon demons to Joe.  His whole power was based on evil.  He had not “initiated” Joe into voodoo, he had attached cords of evil from Joe to his pet demons and was feeding Joe’s life force, his suffering, to them.

We got rid of the demons, got rid of the cords, and made sure the shaman was not able to do this work again.

Joe’s life is now back to normal.  After the medical investigation completed, the hospital’s conclusion was that the first death could not have been prevented while the second was a mystery but not Joe’s fault.  Joe’s license was returned to him.

Joe is putting his experience to good, helping others who are suffering spiritual distress to find help as well as continuing to help those who are in medical distress.

So here’s to Joe: a good man, doing good work who had a challenging experience but who is now using that experience to bring even more good to the world.